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Floor Squeegees


MDB Flip Flop® Aluminum Floor Squeegee - 24"

The anodized aluminum of these light duty floor squeegees is combined with oil proof neoprene squeegee blades. Has a special socket attachment that allows for forward and backward strokes. The blade is split down the middle for double scraping surface and faster drying.  ea

Manufacturers Item #629240
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MDB Speed Squeegy® Curved Heavy Duty Squeegee - 36"

Available in various sizes. Heavy gauge steel curved for water retention. Neoprene squeegee blade is chemical and abrasion resistant. Steel socket accepts handle #191000, #190300. (All steel #190300 handle recommended).  ea

Manufacturers Item #623360
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Unger® SmartFit™ Water Wand Standard

With socket clamp or with installed Acme insert, and black natural foam rubber. Disposable. Removes standard volumes of water from uneven floor surfaces, grouted tiles or non-slip and broadcast grid floors. Cleans and dries floors with twin rubber blades.

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Unger® WaterWand™ Heavy Duty Squeegee - 30"

Removes water easily from uneven floor surfaces such as grouted tile or non-slip and broadcast grid floors with double black foam-rubber blade. Reinforced handle socket to tackle heavy dirt. Sturdy 20 gauge steel frame, with socket clamp. Perfect for moving standard volumes of liquid.  10/cs

Manufacturers Item #HM750
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