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Wet Carpet Extractors


Advance AquaClean® 12ST Self Contained Extractor - 12"

The perfect choice for small area carpet cleaning needs. A single spray jet technology used will cover a 12" cleaning path without leaving streaks or clogging. 1.2 hp, 2 stage vacuum motor, 1/4 hp brush motor. 5 gallon solution, 4 gallon recovery tank. 85" waterlift.  ea

Manufacturers Item #56265300
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NaceCare™ AV4X Pull Back Self Contained Extractor -4 Gal.

Rugged two piece roto molded polyethylene. Power 1.3 hp vacuum motor with 2 year warranty provides excellent water recovery. Vacuum Motor: 1,000 W, 1.34 Hp, 2 stage. Power Supply: 120 v/60 Hz. Pump Type: Solenoid.  ea

Manufacturers Item #8025160
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NSS® Pony 20 SCA Self-Contained Auto Carpet Extractor

The Pony 20 SCA cleans carpet in less than half the time it takes with a self-contained pull type or tub type extractor. 41" H x 47" L x 23.5" W. 3-stage, by-pass type vacuum motor. 100 psi, diaphragm, by-pass type solution pump.  ea

Manufacturers Item #4904902
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