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Advance Advolution™ 2710 Rider Burnishers

This rider burnisher makes the tedious task of burnishing clean, quick, and comfortable with superior results. Battery-operated, with a maneuverable front steering system. This machine eliminates the emissions and noise associated with propane brushers. Open sight lines in front of the machine create a safe and comfortable ride for the operator. Automatic safeguards eliminate unmanned start-ups, which can lead to damaged floor finish. Provides maximum productivity with its extended battery run-time. Passive dust control is standard on this machine, which reduces the need for dust mopping. Pad motor: 3.25 hp; Drive motor: 1 hp, 700 W. Pad driver: 27" flexible w/3.5" centering device.

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Advance Advolution™ 20XP Cord Electric Burnisher-2000 RPM

Designed to maximize performance, productivity, and operator ease. 20" pad size. 1.5 hp motor. Direct drive transmission.  ea

Manufacturers Item #01520A
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Advance BU800™ 20BT Burnisher -20", 200AH, Passive Dust

A more rigid frame and nine vibration isolators have turned the operation of the BU800 into the smoothest burnishing experience in the market. With the double-pivot pad-driver design, burnishing pad stays in alignment and allows the pad to follow the floor contours, leaving a more consistent gloss. Combining the pad-driver design with the self-regulating pad pressure, operators have an easy to use burnisher. Self-lowering burnishing deck. Easy to operate control panel and palm switches. Pad changes are easy with the tip back design.  ea

Manufacturers Item #56383509
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SSS® Cheetah 1500 HS Burnisher - 20"

All-metal construction. 1500 rpm - 20" deck. Flexible pad driver. Heavy duty 1.5 hp motor. Safety lock out switch. Handle mounted circuit breaker. Power: 1.5 hp (dc rectified); Voltage: 110. Speed: 1500 rpm; Amp draw: 13.5 amps. Power cord: 55' safety orange; Frame: cast aluminum.  ea

Manufacturers Item #86012
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NSS® Charger 2022DB Battery Burnishers

Offset body keeps the operator centered in the workpath for greater visibility, while the low profile offset pad driver makes burnishing under shelves easy. Pad Speed: 2200 RPM. 3.6 HP, 36V, DC permanent magnet motor.

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NSS® Charger 2717 DB Battery Burnisher - 27"

Produces a wet-look shine without the need for operator adjustment. 70-80 pounds of pad pressure ensures a brilliant, high gloss shine no operator adjustment needed. Hinged 90° head mechanism for compact storage and standing pad changes. Durable chain-drive wheel enhances maneuverability. Ergonomic variable speed drive system assures tremendous productivity by allowing the operator to work at a comfortable pace. Offset body keeps the operator centered in the workpath for greater visibility, while the low profile offset pad driver makes burnishing under shelves easy. (6) 6V 325 AH batteries. Vac-Trac Dust Control. Wheel drive, built-in pad driver, on-board battery charger.  ea

Manufacturers Item #6402732
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NSS® Mustang 1500 Vac-Trac™ - w/Dust Collection System

With built-in smooth operating pad driver. For fast burnishing and exceptional results, Mustang 1500 is an outstanding value in high speed floor care. Powerful 66 frame, 1.5 HP motor. Circuit breaker protects against overload. 20" cord electric 115v, 75' cord.  ea

Manufacturers Item #5901502
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Pioneer Eclipse® PE420BU Propane Burnishers

Soft tread 2" adjustable wheels for smooth operation and tool free pad pressure adjustment. "Hot @ 4 o-clock" setup for true and straight operation. 34% more fuel efficient than the other national brands. 40% fewer oil changes than the other national brands. Catalytic muffler exceeds EPA and CARB minimum requirements. Easy access filters for simple cleaning. Electric clutch standard. 12 volt battery start.

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