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Advance FM810™ XP Deluxe Floor Machine

Featuring a full 1.5 hp motor, 160 lbs of down pressure and a 3,540 RPM pad driver, the FM810 is designed to get cleaner floors in fewer passes. Cleaning pad size: 14" x 20"; Motor: 1.5 hp. Voltage: 12V/60 Hz; Orbit speed: 3,540 rpm. Power cable: 50' 14/3 safety yellow; Orbit Dia.: 1/4".  ea

Manufacturers Item #56105616
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Advance Pacesetter™ Floor Machines

The Pacesetter™ 13/17/20 is a 1.0 hp, 175 rpm machine available in 13,17 and 20 inch sizes. Dual capacitors provide an extra burst of power to the machine when needed for start up or during operation, without overloading the electrical circuits in the facility. At 1.5 hp, 175 rpm, the Pacesetter™ HD is also available in 17 and 20 inch sizes. A triple-planetary gear design lasts longer than other gear drives because of they do not develop a wear pattern. A sealed gear box requires no maintenance. The Pacesetter™ 20SD™ a super duty 20 inch floor machine. For extreme duty, the 1.75 hp, 175 rpm machine also has the triple planetary gear design for longer wear. The Pacesetter™ 20TS is a two-speed floor machine with a 1.5 hp and a DC rectified motor. The two-speed machine runs at 180 and 320 rpm. Whether stripping, scrubbing, screening, or bonnet cleaning, this machine will fit your need. Heavy duty construction. All cast metal, chrome plated base. Dual start and run capacitors.

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Koblenz® DP-1334 Industrial Floor Machine - 13"

Cast iron chassis. Non-marking sealed double ball bearing wheels and wrap around bumper guard. Hardened pinion gear. Brush speed: 175 rpm. Motor: DC 2 speed 3/4 HP. Aluminum shroud.  ea

Manufacturers Item #00-4481-8
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NaceCare™ DP420 Duplex Hydrowasher - 14"

The Duplex DP420 is an extremely effective carpet cleaning machine. 1,000 W, 1.3 Hp brush motor.  ea

Manufacturers Item #8025112
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NSS® Galaxy Floor Machines

The unique two-piece design allows the machine to be sent by parcel carrier, while holding out-of-box assembly to a simple five bolt operation. Precision balanced for easy operation & maneuverability, this machine scrubs, strips, spray buffs, polishes, shampoos & even bonnet cleans at 175 RPM. Pad Speed: 175 RPM.

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NSS® Maverick 300 Floor Machines

Versatile and reliable, the Maverick 300 lets you polish, spray buff, scrub or strip floors. Use a bonnet or pad to spin clean carpet with the same machine. 26" L x 22" W x 49" H. 15 amp @ 120 V., 7.5 amp @ 240 V. High Speed 200-310 rpm.

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NSS® Mustang 300 DS High Speed Floor Machine - 17"

The Mustang 300 DS is incredibly high productivity and its outstanding versatility together add up to an outstanding value in floor maintenance equipment. With pad driver # 2892551. 15 amps @ 120 V., 7.5 amps @ 240 V. High Speed 180/300 RPM - 115V.  ea

Manufacturers Item #5906630
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NSS® Mustang Floor Machine - 20", 1.0 HP, Pad Driver

Precision balanced for easy operation & maneuverability, this machine scrubs, strips, spray buffs, polishes, shampoos & even bonnet cleans at 175 RPM. Pad Speed: 175 RPM. Motor: 1HP, 66 frame, 110-120V. 2-idler planetary.  ea

Manufacturers Item #5903428
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NSS® Mustang Floor Machine - 17", 1.0 HP

A durable, powerful floor machine. Precision balanced for easy operation and maneuverability, this machine scrubs, strips, spray buffs, polishes, and shampoos. The Mustang comes with either a 1 HP or 1.5 HP 66-frame motor, and is available in 17" and 20" widths. Dual switch levers allow the operator to easily control the side-to-side movement of the machine. Tufted pad driver.  ea

Manufacturers Item #5901712
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NSS® Thoroughbred Floor Machine-20", 1.5 HP, w/Pad Driver

Precision balanced for maximum cleaning efficiency and reduced operator fatigue. The heavy-duty dual capacitor, 66-frame motor, partnered with a precision gear train, give the Thoroughbred the balance, dependability and power necessary to tackle any job.  ea

Manufacturers Item #5002008
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Pacific® FM-20ORB Orbital Floor Machine-20" w/Weight Kit

Only high-speed orbital floor machines below 64 dBA, over 65% quieter than the nearest competitor! Highest down pressures in category, with or without weights! First with reach under cleaning on three sides with weights in place. Convenient and instant handle adjustment from the operator position, no hard knobs or awkward levers! Chemical-free finish removal (dry prep), finish stripping (with chemical), floor scrubbing (even grouted floors), stone grinding and polishing, cement grinding and polishing, sanding and screening, and other extreme-duty jobs. Highest performance with the cleanest, quietest, easiest operation. Motor: 1.5 hp; Motor type: 182TCZ, continuous duty TENV. Voltage: 115V; Amps: 15; Power cord: 50', 14/3 STO.  ea

Manufacturers Item #545413
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Pacific® Mini-Edger Floor Scrubber/Polisher - 6 1/2"

Designed for easy handling, high performance and longevity. Ideal for stripping, scrubbing, spray buffing, sanding and bonnet cleaning. Brush RPM: 765. 1/8 hp motor; 115V. Direct drive gear box.  13"

Manufacturers Item #515451
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SSS® Cougar Floor Machines

All purpose floor machine. For stripping, scrubbing, screen cleaning, or bonnet cleaning. Triple planetary high torque all-steel gear box. All metal construction. Universal clutch plate. Safety lock out switch. Motor mounted pad driver storage. Heavy duty 66-frame motor. Ergonomic handle. Easy-to-use controls. Fully adjustable handle. Non-marking bumpers. Power: 1.5 hp; Voltage: 110 volt. Speed: 175 rpm; Weight: 101 lbs. Power Cord: 55' safety orange; Amp draw: 13.0 amps.

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Windsor® Bolt™ Floor Machine - 20", Single Speed

Single and dual speed floor machines. Providing power and versatility for buffing and polishing or scrubbing and stripping. Robust motor for everyday reliability. Separate start and run capacitors for durability. Mechanical safety interlock to prevent accidental startups. Cord strain relief to keep cord from breaking or tearing. Strong and solid handle housing for trouble free operation. Fully adjustable handle height. 5" non-marking wheels. Built-in circuit breaker to protect motor.  ea

Manufacturers Item #10090870
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Windsor® Pivot Cylindrical Floor Machine - 16", No Brushes

Superior scrubbing performance with two 600 rpm counter-rotating brushes and 60 lbs of down pressure. Versatile, can operate like a traditional swing machine for productivity in open areas or like a walk-behind for precise cleaning along walls and in corners. Can be used for maintenance or for deep cleaning on a wide variety of floor types from VCT to grouted tile. Compact and portable. Uses cylindrical brushes for aggressive cleaning on porous or uneven floors. Two counter-rotating brushes can be easily removed without any tools. 16" dual brush; Brush speed: 600 rpm. Tank Capacity: 2.5 gal. Coverage: 3200 ft2/hr; Dimensions: 20" L x 18" W x 47" H.  ea

Manufacturers Item #98408060
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