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Vehicle Brushes


Carlisle Flo-Pac® Vehicle Wash Brush -14", Green

w/Nylex bristles. For larger vehicles, trucks and trailers. Plastic foam block resists water. Handles sold separately. 2 3/8" trim.  12/cs

Manufacturers Item #36121475
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Carlisle Flo-Pac® Truck Wash Brush - 10", Green

w/Flagged Nylex bristles. Flo-Thru design delivers a constant flow of water. Densely filled with vinyl bumpers to protect vehicle finishes. Handles sold separately. Plastic block; 2 1/2" trim.  12/cs

Manufacturers Item #3646875
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O Cedar® Vehicle/Wall Washing Brush

Extra-soft Feather Tip® (flagged) gray PVC bristles are ideal for washing trucks, trailers, mini-vans, autos, boats, walls, etc. 2 1/2" trim. Use with threaded handles.  6/cs

Manufacturers Item #96066
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