NSS® Pony 20 SCA Self-Contained Auto Carpet Extractor

NSS® Pony 20 SCA Self-Contained Auto Carpet Extractor

Item # NS4904902

  • The Pony 20 SCA cleans carpet in less than half the time it takes with a self-contained pull type or tub type extractor.
  • 41" H x 47" L x 23.5" W
  • 3-stage, by-pass type vacuum motor
  • 100 psi, diaphragm, by-pass type solution pump
Manufacturers Item #4904902

Use the Pony 20 SCA automatic carpet scrubber to extraction clean open, as well as slightly obstructed, carpeted areas such as hallways, ballrooms, meeting rooms--even airports.


Despite its large, 20 gallon solution and recovery capacities and its wide, 22" power brush, Pony 20 SCA is exceptionally compact and extremely maneuverable.

To ensure that the Pony SCA will operate at peak efficiency day in and day out, it has been designed to be easily maintained. Features such as a hinge mounted housing and a quick-disconnect spray jet bar dramatically simplify maintenance.

The Pony 20 SCA's exceptional combination of features make it the machine of choice for deep cleaning large, open, carpeted areas.

Performance Features

  • Offset, spring loaded, floating brush head allows superior edge cleaning (particularly near walls) and automatically adjusts to different carpet pile heights.
  • Variable drive speed allows operator to match speed to carpet conditions--operator can move slower over heavily soiled carpet and quicker over lightly soiled carpet.
  • Solution level indicator allows operator to visually monitor solution level through clear hose.
  • Easy empty, high-off-floor dump hose allows quick disposal of recovered dirt and solution into a slop sink, toilet, or five gallon bucket.
  • 27" vac shoe floats to adjust to carpet surface irregularities maintaining complete suction throughout cleaning operation. Carpet is left clean and almost dry.
  • Vac shoe swings and swivels on turns to ensure maximum vacuum coverage of scrub path.

Easy Maintenance Features

  • Spray jet bar quickly disconnects and slides out of the brush housing; flushing out the spray jets (when necessary) is simple.
  • Vac shoe has quick-disconnect feature; clearing and flushing vac shoe (when necessary) is easy.
  • Two-piece brush housing cover is easily removed for quick access to brush and belt; no need to remove brush housing from machine,
  • Durable polyethylene housing is attached to steel frame by hinges. Housing is simply released and lifted up on a gas spring for access to vac motor, solution pump and drive motor.


  • Capacities: Solution tank - 20 gallons with solution level indicator, Recovery tank - 20 gallons
  • Solution Pump: 100 psi, diaphragm, by-pass type, 115 V. (240V available)
  • Vacuum Motor: 3-stage, by-pass type, 115V. (240V available), 1 3/4 HP, 125" closed waterlift
  • Drive Motor: 1-20 HP, variable speed, 115V. (240V available)
  • Current: 15 amps
  • Brush Motor: Permanent magnet, 115V. (240V available), 1/4 HP, 1200 RPM
  • Construction: Tank - Roto-molded polyethylene, Base - Steel welded, powder coated, Housing - Mounted on hinges.
  • Bottle Holder: Molded into body; holds two bottles
  • Accessory Spray Wand: Built-in; wand holder attached to housing
  • Spray Jets: Five "snap-in, snap-out" type mounted on removable bar
  • Recovery Tank Dome: Clear; operator views recovered solution
  • Wheels: Two 8" dia. Roller bearing type with grooved, non-marking gray rubber tread
  • Casters: Two rear 4" dia. Ball bearing swivel type with grooved urethane tread
  • Brush: 22" cylindrical, timing belt driven
  • Brush Housing: 2 piece
  • Vacuum Shoe: Cast aluminum with steel plate cover and quick-disconnect that withstands 1000 lbs., pull load; floats
  • Cord: 75', 12-3 SJT, safety yellow, detachable
  • Sound Level: 75 db @ operator
  • Accessory Valve: Quick couple type, all brass
  • Drain Mechanism: Dump hose on solution and recovery tanks
  • Float Shut-Off Mechanism: Yes
  • Warranty: 3 year limited, 7 years polyethylene body
  • Weight: 165 lbs.
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