NSS® Mustang 1500 Cord Electric Burnisher - 20"

NSS® Mustang 1500 Cord Electric Burnisher - 20"

Item # NS5901500

  • Smooth operation. For fast burnishing and exceptional results, Mustang 1500 is an outstanding value in high speed floor care.
  • Pad speed: 1500; Pad driver: Flexible polypropylene
  • Motor: DC Rectified permanent magnet, 66-frame, 1.5 HP, 3200 RPM
  • Current: 13A at 115V (typical conditions); Overload protection: 17.5 A
  • Drive: belt and pulley; Construction: 11-gage powder-coated steel
  • Wheels: 5" non-marking; Handle: 14-gage chrome plated steel
  • Cord: 50', 14-3 ST Safety yellow; Productivity: 9,545 ft2/hr
20", ea
Manufacturers Item #5901500

Operating at 1500 RPM this floor polisher delivers a high gloss "wet look" shine. The flexible, built-in pad driver and premium electric motor enable smooth, balance, and safe operation.


  • Easy transportation. The built-in wheel carriage allows easy transport to the work site and on stairs.
  • Safety lock-out. The mechanical lock-out switch on the Mustang 1500 prevents accidental starts.
  • The circuit breaker in the handle protects from overloads and helps prevent tripping the building circuit breakers.
  • Reinforced cord strain relief prevents damage to the cord.
  • The powerful 66-frame, 1.5 HP motor delivers all the burnishing muscle you'll need.
  • The handle adjusts to operator's comfort working level, then locks into place.
  • A safety-yellow vinyl bumper surrounds the burnisher's deck to protect walls and fixtures from accidental damage.
  • The built-in wheel carriage allows easy transport on stairways.