NSS® Champ 3329 Ride-On Automatic Scrubber - 33"

NSS® Champ 3329 Ride-On Automatic Scrubber - 33"

Item # NS7603350

  • Designed for safe operation. Open operator compartment provides maximum forward visibility. Single non-slip drive wheel turns 90 degrees in both directions.
  • Drive motor: 1 HP, w/two forward speeds
  • Brush motor: 2 HP, 300 RPM brush speed
  • Six 6V, 325 AH batteries
33", ea
Manufacturers Item #7603350

Sizable solution and recovery tanks mean less filling and emptying, saving time and labor dollars. Powerful vacuum motors and swing squeegees assure excellent water pick-up, even on turns. Standard on-board chargers simplify recharging.


  • Ergonomically-sound steering wheel and column pivot makes longer rides more comfortable.
  • Side-loaded battery compartment makes battery installation easier. No need to lift batteries above the side of the machine.
  • The low profile side skirts allow cleaning underneath shelf overhangs for complete floor coverage. The skirts lift with the deck for easy transport and can be easily removed, along with the squeegee and pad drivers, to fit the unit through a standard 36"


  • Solution Tank: 29 gal.
  • Recovery Tank: 32 gal.
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