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Shampoo - Hair & Body


GOJO® Provon® Ultimate Shampoo & Body Wash - 8 oz.

With its light herbal fragrance, creamy consistency and pearlized color, this product offers a luxurious bathing experience. Non-irritating formula. Contains moisturizing aloe and jojoba oil.  48/cs

Manufacturers Item #4227-48
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Dial® Body & Hair Shampoo Refill - Gal.

Cleans the body while conditioning the hair. Hypoallergenic. pH balanced. Includes one pump per case.  4/cs

Manufacturers Item #03986
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GOJO® Spa Bath® Body & Hair Shampoo - 1000 mL NXT®

Enriched, spa-inspired formula for hands, hair and body. Pleasant herbal fragrance. USDA Certified Biobased formulation. EcoLogo™ certified.  8/cs

Manufacturers Item #2152-08
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GP Pacific Garden® Floral Scent & Aqua Body Wash & Shampoo

Mild, infused with skin conditioners that leaves hair clean and skin feeling soft, moist and smooth. Floral scented formula is mild enough for everyday use. Lathers and rinses quickly to wash dirt and bacteria away. Use with dispenser: 52052, 52053, 52087.  4/cs

Manufacturers Item #43023
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Warsaw Island Shower Spa Soap - Gal.

Mild, pH balanced hair and body shampoo. Pina-Colada scent. USDA E-4. Has handle.  4/cs

Manufacturers Item #60883
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Spartan Lite'n Foamy Cranberry Ice Hair & Body Wash - 18 oz.

A high end, designer type hand, hair and body wash formulated for luxurious foam delivery through Spartan's Lite 'N Foamy Dispenser. Clear red in color, cranberry fragrance. Low viscosity.

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SSS® FoamClean Body Fresh Hair & Body Shampoo - 1000 mL

Enriched with aloe and vitamin E. Light aloe vera fragrance. Blue.  6/cs

Manufacturers Item #44142
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Stoko® Refresh® Hand, Hair & Body Foam Cleaner - 1000 mL

Refresh 4 in 1 hand, hair and body formula foam is a Green Seal™ Certified enriched cleanser for showering and bathing the entire body. Ideal for locker and dressing room showers. Biobased in accordance with USDA BioPreferred program. Provides up to 2500 pumps per 1000 mL refill. 4 per case.  4/cs

Manufacturers Item #34976
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